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If you are reading this text you probably care about lighting quality or you are looking for some specific answers regarding the lighting technology. Or perhaps you were asked to find something online related to light and quality and you are just browsing. Whatever your motivation is I am happy you are here and I hope you will find what you were looking for. My name is Miko and I have created this blog to share the knowledge and information about quality control, standards, metrics and other issues specific to lighting technology. It is about LEDs, OLEDs, traditional systems and other artificial and natural sources of optical radiation. I care about light quality and I am passionate about the lighting technology.

What can you find on this blog?

I have divided this blog into several categories such as:

The How to category includes short explanations of most popular issues or questions many of us have when we deal with light. You can try Wikipedia, of course, but my explanations are specific to lighting technology which is sometimes very different from other engineering or technical areas. Here you will find answers to most frequently asked questions.

The Publications category is about technical and/or scientific articles/papers that have been published by me or my associates and colleagues in the recent years either in lighting magazines, scientific magazines or at conferences and symposia. The texts posted here are extensive and more specific and they are not always an easy read but they are very informative and with lots of meaningful information.

The Standards category is where I include information and explain the meaning of new standards and metrics.

In the Instruments category I describe the use and specifics of light measurement instrumentation.

The Design category is about presentation and/or comments about lighting design or luminaire and lamp related information.

The Technology category includes news about available technology connected with light and quality control.

And last but not least the Photobiology category covers the science of light, the influence on human and other living organisms, safety issues, active radiation, etc.

Thank you for reading!

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About me: Light Quality Enthusiast

My name is Miko and I am the COO of GL Optic and an active member of the CIE and IES organizations following up the development of lighting quality standards and lighting industry trends.

I spend most of my time meeting people and discussing details of light quality control systems. I attend a lot of exhibitions, conferences and symposia throughout the year. I teach, present and train lighting professionals from Europe, Americas and Asia. I realize that there are many unanswered questions in the fast developing lighting industry and this is the primary reason for which I have created this blog. I want you to learn and I am more than willing to help people share knowledge about light related issues.

I have been with the GL Optic company from its very beginnings, when in 2010 the GL Optic brand was launched by JUST Normlicht. Since that time I have been responsible for worldwide marketing and product development of light measurement systems for LED lighting.

I have earned my MA degree in Marketing Management and my post graduate diploma in Lighting Technology, as well as Plastics and Rubber Processing. Prior to GL OPTIC, over the 10-year period between 1999 and 2010, I held an executive leadership role in PLASTIVAN, a Belgian plastic processing manufacturer.

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