instalation and alignment photometric measurements

Geometry and alignment is the key. Introduction to photometric measurements part 2

Photometric measurements are crucial in quality testing and new product development. Operating a goniometric system, for LED light measurement may seem complicated. However its use help control the whole testing process, save time and money, while also builds up important knowledge inside the company, that will benefit future products.

by Miko Przybyla I GL Optic

It is important to understand how to install the lamp on a goniophotometer and how to align LED lamps and modules during photomeric measurements.

GLG 30-1800 is a lamp turning goniophotometer with easy to use software, precise alignment protocols and extensive automation capabilities. Thanks to specially prepared fixing plate, rotating mechanism and manual control panel makes the installation very easy. Laser alignment tool help set the optical center of the luminaire.

This video will give you an introduction to the principles of lamp installation. You will learn how to set up the software and GL Optic Goniometer system.

Find out how to set minimum photometric distance

Watch our series “PHOTOMETRIC MEASUREMENTS GUIDE” on Youtube 

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