Quality control of the backlit user interface elements, i.e. how to measure buttons, switches, keyboards.

A visual assessment is not enough to ensure the quality of illuminated LED or OLED control panels & indicators components. We need to use luminance measuring devices in order to verify the luminance level, i.e. the perceived brightness of these elements. by Jacek Dylak and Miko Przybyla I GL Optic  Conventional devices for measuring luminance [...]

Geometry and alignment is the key. Introduction to photometric measurements part 2

Photometric measurements are crucial in quality testing and new product development. Operating a goniometric system, for LED light measurement may seem complicated. However its use help control the whole testing process, save time and money, while also builds up important knowledge inside the company, that will benefit future products. by Miko Przybyla I GL Optic [...]

Methods for measuring the new PstLM flicker index according to the ecodesign requirements for LED lighting

The revised regulation of the European Commission on ecodesign for light sources introduces new requirements for light flicker indicators, including PstLM, which determines the resistance of the light source power supply system to network disturbances. PstLM stands for Short Term Perceptibility for light modulation. The new requirements enter into force in September 2021 and will [...]

What is the minimum photometric distance? Introduction to photometric measurements part 1

Photometry is the science of light measurement, which takes into account how the human eye perceive its brightness. It measures only the visible spectral range, where human eyes are sensitive. Photometric measurements are crucial in quality testing and new product development, starting with single LEDs through modules and lamps up to luminaires used in buildings [...]

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