Spectrometer adds dimension to goniometric characterization of SSL lamps and luminaires

While photodetectors have long been used alongside goniometers to characterize light sources, PASI MANNINEN and MIKOLAJ PRZYBYLA explain that a GONIO-SPECTROMETER system enables collection of a more robust set of parametric data for LED-based products.

Published on Sep 3, 2015 in LEDs MAGAZINE
by Mikolaj Przybyla nad Pasi Maninen


Goniometers are a class of optical test instrument with mechanics that allow characterization of a light source for every angle, and such test equipment is widely used with LEDs and solid-state lighting (SSL) products. In most instances, goniophotometers with a photodetector were the primarily available systems for measuring light intensity. However, to measure properties like angle-dependent luminous intensity along with colorimetric values like color coordinates, correlated color temperature (CCT), and CRI of LED-based luminaires, a goniospectrometer better meets the requirements of accurate and complete characterization. This article will explain how goniometers work, considerations for accurate measurements, and the latest options available for photometric measurements… Continue reading on LEDs MAGAZINE

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