Luminaire and integrating sphere size impact measurement accuracy

Standards prescribe integrating sphere size based on luminaire size, but MIKOŁAJ PRZYBYŁA explains that, for many product development and test purposes, a smaller sphere can deliver acceptable measurement accuracy.

Published on: March 27, 2018 in LEDs MAGAZINE

Integrating spheres are fast and convenient tools for measuring the radiant or luminous flux of light sources. Such spheres are routinely used to characterize light sources such as packaged LED components and finished luminaires of all sizes. Clearly product-development and test-and-measurement teams want to document accurate results from sphere tests. But measurement practices prescribed in some standards can result in high cost associated with the need for very large spheres. Let’s consider a set of laboratory tests that sought to determine how much accuracy was impacted when a smaller-than-prescribed sphere was used for routine tests – not undertaken for the purpose of reporting accredited laboratory results… continue reading on LEDs Magazine
Integrating Sphere System by GL Optic
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