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Using integrating spheres correctly to measure LEDs

LEDs have opened up new dimensions of design freedom, allowing architects and designers to give free rein to their creativity. Light-emitting diodes permit manifold design solutions as a light source in illumination products. However, a suitable measuring method for comparing key technical data is required in order to get the best out of the diversity of illumination products available.

Mikolaj Przybyla from GL OPTIC, a Just Normlicht GmbH division, explains crucial product requirements and what to take care about when calibrating a measurement system. Published on Jul 02, 2016 in LED Professional Magazine by Mikolaj Przybyla.

A generally reliable and suitable measurement method for a wide range of lighting products is to measure the luminous flux and radiant power with an integrating sphere. A high-resolution spectrum analyzer can be used to measure transmission and emission spectra, but the so-called integrating sphere can determine the radiant power or luminous flux of light sources. Therefore the integrating sphere, also known as the Ulbricht sphere after its inventor, is among the most important instruments used in spectrometer applications… Continue reading on LED Proffessional

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